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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.

The schools of Coas Educational Group sprung from the initiative and the desire of a group of parents who wanted educational centres of certain characteristics for their children. One of them is that the values that Josemaría Escrivá transmitted to the original organisers were captured faithfully in the ideario and in the educational project.


Nowadays parents share the same key role in our schools as years ago, because we understand that a quality education is only possible when the family and the school share the same values and educational principles, and when each one knows what their role is and strives to carry it out effectively and generously.


Coordination, which is vital between the family and the school, is achieved by means of a close relationship with your child’s tutor, who will be available whenever you want or whenever the tutor considers it to be necessary to call a meeting.


The participation of the parents is encouraged in the school through the established channels (Association of Fathers and Mothers and the Parents in charge of Courses) to support and to collaborate jointly with the Educational Project of the school, and to help each other to be the main players in the education of their children.


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