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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.


(Written by Carlos Miner, 4th ESO)

Last day, 26, we went to the wildlife refuge in the valley of Urdaibai, called Basondo.

Firstly, when we arrived, we went to a small room in which we were taught on the type of leaves and on the little signs in nature that let us know bigger things, as well as the age of a tree.

Then, we went to see the animals. There was a wide variety of them, ranging from wolves and lynxes to owls and vultures. The best thing was the close relationship between animals and the people looking after them.

Also, the terrain that some animals had for them was kind of breathtaking (not as in zoos, where animals are kept in tiny cages).

In conclusion, it was a very fun experience and a great opportunity to know the animal kingdom involving the Basque Country better.