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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.

El trabajo ha dado sus frutos y los alumnos de ESO y Bachillerato han cosechado unos magníficos resultados en los prestigiosos exámenes de Inglés.

Un año más, fruto del acuerdo de colaboración con Cambridge, los alumnos han tenido la posibilidad de examinarse en el propio colegio. Si bien los resultados son siempre buenos, este año han sido realmente excelentes, ya que han aprobado todos los alumnos de los niveles C1 y B2 y casi el 80% de B1.

A continuación el alumno Rafa Reina (2º Bachillerato) nos cuenta su experiencia con los exámenes de Cambridge.

“2 Bachillerato is much more difficult than 1 Bachillerato, so we started the year working hard on school subjects, but doing almost nothing to get ready for the CAE. Subjects were first, to our minds! We all knew the CAE was going to take place, but it was early to start working. Because of that, December arrived and we hadn´t done much yet. Then, d. Iker made us like promise that we were going to work and prepare the exam. And so we did. Thanks to the loads of paper that d. Iker gave us, and also thanks to his patience, we worked and practised the speaking for about three months.

Then we went to Eskibel in order to take the exam. I personally was very nervous, but we all finally took the exam and passed it. 100%! A great achievement, isn´t it? It is great because this certificate will open us so many doors in our proffesional future. Talking about the FCE, the news is also of the same type. 100% of candidates have passed it this year and they are, indeed, very happy. As for PET students, 78% of students have achieved a pass, which I think is also a good result. I´m sure the experience will be a taking-off point for future certificates.

We want to thank d. Iker for the great effort he makes every year in order to have all his students passed the Cambridge exams. Thanks for your work, your patience, and for being a good sort.”

Rafael Reina Uribe ( 2º bachillerato)