Taking into account the cultural week in ESO and Bachiller the English department wanted to add a pinch of our own taste by organising Erain’s first ever spelling competition. In the previous days we had organised different stages and semifinals between levels, as a class activity, so only one in each class would be left as finalist.

The winners of each year were: Juan Rotaeche (1st ESO), Ewen Fortune (2nd ESO), Nicolás Visiers (3rd ESO), Hugo López (4th ESO), Pedro Rodríguez (1st Bachiller) and Mario Ibarrola (2nd Bachiller).

The level was very high. Guided by the presenters Lucas Garmendia and Juan Ponte, each word was said once and then spelled by the candidates. In the first round some of them got their spellings wrong, in the second round the difficulty rose. Finally, only two finalists were left and Hugo López was eventually the one winning the first Spelling Bee Contest in Erain.