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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.

Judo is a martial art that requires sacrifice, effort and constancy. However, working hard great things are achieved. Today we will speak about that with Javier Estevas, a student in 1st Bachillerato, member of the national u18 team, who in this 2017-18 season has taken part in tournaments such as the European cup and the Spanish Supercup.

– Hi, Javier.

– Hello.

– Firstly, we would like to know what judo is four you.

– For me, judo is a way of life. I mean, it may sound a bit poetic but it has become a crucial part in my routine with all the trainings, diet, etc.

– When did you start practising this sport?

– I started judo when I was three. My parents say that they wanted me to start practising this sport because my father did the same when he was a child, same as my uncle and also because , supposedly, I was a very active toddler.

– At the beginning we mentioned sacrifice and effort. How many hours do you spend with judo every week?

– I train from Monday to Friday, (sometimes Saturdays too) two hours in the judo club plus the physical trainings that I do on my own ( 1 hour per day, approximately). So it makes a weekly 15 hours.

– Let’s move onto your competitions. What do you feel before coming onto the mat? Which is your motivation?

– That is a tough one… It is a very difficult feeling to describe but I would say that it is a mixture of nerves, pressure and the desire to win. I always want to win and the idea of being better than what you were is what makes me compete.

– What is the best part of being able to take place in such big tournaments?

– Definitely, the best is gaining experience by fighting opponents that are more skillful than you.

– Javi, you’ve got 1 gold and 1 bronze medal in supercups and 1 gold and 1 silver in cups.With all those medals you got #1 in the national ranking. How do you feel with all those achievements?

– Satisfaction by watching that all your effort is being worth.

– Finally, what would you say to someone who wants to start judo?

– I would tell him or her to never stop chasing his dreams, because the real valuable things in this life are achieved by fighting against all kind of difficulties.

-Thank you very much, Javier. We hope to see you back on the mat soon.

-Thank you, I will now take a rest on holidays to be able to come back stronger next season.