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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.

Hi, my name is Saroi and I´m thirteen. I´m in first secondary school, and this year I´ve taken the PET.

The PET is an English exam from the University of Cambridge and the most common thing is to take it next year, because is a little bit more complicated exam. When this year started I made lots of practising activities, and they were very difficult activities for me. But I continued practising and then, they became more easy. I also made some listening and speaking practices, but no so much like writings and readings.

Last week I tacked it and not only me, we were lots of students; eight of us took the PET, eight of us took the Advanced and eight of us took the FIRST. So we were twenty four, lots of students in my opinion. We cannot go all of us the same day so last week me went the PET and ADVANCE students and this week I think that they are taking the FIRST.


It was a little bit strange because I was the smallest student, but they all were very kind and friendly. On Thursday we went to Eskibel for the speaking exam, that I think that is the best part. I love speaking in English and I always know what to say so sometimes, the boy asked me a very small question, and I started speaking and speaking. But I think that´s better than only saying “Yes” or “No”.

Then on Saturday we went to Eskibel also for the other parts. I was very very nervous, but I think that I also made it well. The worst part is that now we have to wait for one month until they say us the note.

Then the last thing. Lots of friends say me that why am I taking this exams and if I think that they are going to be useful in the future. First of all, my dad always says me that I´ve to take them, but I also think that they´re going to be useful. Okay, maybe the PET not, but the FIRST for example is very important. When in the future I will like to have a job, I´m completely sure that is more possible to get it if I know English, and how do they know if you know English? With this exams. Also you have to know that the English is the first international language!

I wish you to have enjoyed this. See you!!!