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La persona, lo primero. 

Navegamos a tu lado.


Autumn Olympics, that´s the name. Autumn Olympics, how can these two words evoke so much?

Maybe because they hide a million memories; maybe because they mean a whole exciting experience; maybe because they´re not just two words, but The two words. It takes two words for a Erain student to take it easy on a bleak Monday morning because, after all, he knows he´s got Autumn Olympics on Thursday. What does that mean? Well, simple as it may seem, it means sports, fun and friendship. That´s the thing, those are the only three words needed to spend such an enjoyable time.


It is October the 6th, and today those three words are translated into a splendid sunny day, a captivating atmosphere of joy and fellowship and a handful of goals to score. The event begins with the famous Cross, which consists of one or two turns round school depending on the participants´ ages. Then, the real action begins. A new original program designed by Mr Mikel provides us with five challenges: shot put, javelin throwing, high jump, pentajump and speed. A first place in each activity, five points; the more points you get, the better to win the competition: just as simple as that. Competitive though it may be, this day doesn´t lack companionship. A flagrant proof of it is the wide range of sports that compose the evening, when the whole school exudes happiness and friendship under a same moved bright blue sky.

These are Autumn Olympics, The two words. A new whole day of experiences lays and rests on them, increasing the greatness of their beloved nature. Then, what makes these two words become a magic experience full of feelings and nostalgia? Well, it´s not my job to find out, that´s the mystery, that´s the name.

Javier Ormazabal 2º Bach